Welcome to Truddy T's

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...personalized fitness without the personalized prices
* Thinking about getting in shape but not sure where to start? 
* Already in shape and want a challenge like no other?!
* Tired of working out at gyms that offer no help? 
* Want to meet your fitness goals? 
* Do you want to work out with crazy people? 
* Want to join us in everyday fun activities such as skating, bowling, kayaking, etc.  We do that to!!!
* Want to workout specifically for sport?  Come get challenged!
Then Truddy T's is for you... 

Truddy T's is a fitness studio located along the Jersey Shore in Wall, New Jersey. We offer group and personalized classes and individual weight loss programs to help you make fitness a permanent part of your life. Unlike gyms that hope you join and never come back, WE WANT YOU BACK!!! 

We offer group classes and individual programs with different levels of intensity to meet your goals. 
Classes are for all levels. Please check the Class Descriptions and Schedule on the left. During the class, the instructor focuses on your workout. Each class is hands on for all participants.  Alternate versions for less advanced or new students. 

Contact Truddy at (732) 927-1604 or truddytrained@gmail.com